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Gel Eyeliner Pots: Favorites Review

Lady in Violet, a Houston based blogger reviews 3 gel eyeliner pots including Bobbie Brown Long Lasting Liner, Smashbox Jet Set Eyeliner and Tarte Clay Pot eyeliner.

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a fun weekend. 聽Mine was really fun. We took my grandma to a Rockets basketball game for her birthday, and it was really fun. 聽Plus, they won. 聽I have another makeup review for you today, and it’s all about one of my favorite products.

Many have that one makeup item that they always have to put on to feel put together. 聽Mine is eyeliner. 聽A few years ago, I was introduced to gel eyeliner pots. 聽Sephora was out of my favorite liquid eyeliner, and the sales girl suggested the Smashbox Jet Set eyeliner pot. 聽I fell in love and never looked back. 聽I have tried a few over the years and wanted to share a few of my favorite ones. 聽A few important factors for me are longevity, how easy it goes on, and does it transfer to my eyelid crease by the end of the day leaving an ugly and random black line.

SMASHBOX JET SET EYELINER – 聽My favorite thing about this one is how easily it glides on. 聽Some pots are a bit drier, so you have to do a couple swipes to go across the eye line. 聽This one is the perfect consistency to go on smooth in one swipe, and it leaves a nice thick dark line. 聽It dries quickly too, so no worries of accidental smudging. 聽This eyeliner also lasts all day with no need for a retouch if heading to happy hour after work. 聽Of my 3 favorites, this one has the most cross transfer to the eye lid crease.

BOBBI BROWN LONG WEAR GEL EYELINER – I tried this one out because I have heard so many good reviews of Bobbi Brown products. 聽This one applies a nice thick line that lasts all day. 聽It is the driest of the 3 which can make it need an extra swipe to go fully across the eyelid, but it also means it dries fast so no accidental smudge worries. 聽It does have a small amount of cross transfer by the end of the day. 聽Honestly, this product is good, but I think you can find better for a lower price.

TARTE CLAY POT LINER – This is my favorite of the three. 聽It’s the lowest price by $1 and has very minimal cross transfer to the eyelid crease. 聽The line is thick, dark, and lasts all day. 聽This one has the softest consistency of the 3. 聽If you have been using a drier eyeliner pot, you need to be聽very gentle when swiping out color, so you don’t plunge your brush deep into the pot. I would do this a lot the first few uses out of habit. 聽Once I adjusted to it, I loved how easy and smooth it went on. 聽It takes the longest to dry which can sometimes lead to smudging if you are not careful after applying.

These eyeliner pots are the perfect hybrid between a pencil and a liquid liner. 聽 I loved the look of liquid, but hated applying it. 聽One wrong move and you would have to take all your eye makeup off and start over. 聽The thicker consistency of these gel eyeliners makes it SO MUCH easier to apply, but still have that liquid look. 聽 If you feel the same way about your liquid liner, you should definitely try one of these out!


Floral Embroidered Blouse

Houston Fashion Blogger wears a weekend outfit idea including a floral embroidered blouse with distressed jeans.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based Fashion Blogger wears a Chicwish embroidered top for date night.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based Fashion Blogger wears a Chicwish embroidered top for date night.

Karen Rock, a Houston Fashion Blogger styles a date night outfit idea including a floral embroidered top with distressed jeans and nude heels.

Houston Fashion blogger talks fashion trends in top featuring sheer sleeves and floral embroidery.

Karen Rock, a Houston area fashion blogger wears Chicwish top with blank denim distressed jeans.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger wears a jeans and heels outfit for girls night out.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Style Blogger wears a dressed up casual weekend outfit with heels, distressed jeans and long sleeve sheer top.

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a floral embroidered top with a dark pink clutch.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger wears a cute outfit idea for date night or girls night out.

| OUTFIT DETAILS | Floral Embroidered Blouse 聽| 聽Similar Distressed Jeans 聽| 聽Blush Heels 聽| 聽Pink Clutch 聽| 聽Earrings 聽| 聽Similar Bangle 1 and Bangle 2 聽| 聽Blue Mirrored Aviators 聽| 聽Nails: Essie Blanc 聽| 聽Lips: MAC Faux

Happy Friday friends!! It never comes soon enough. 馃檪 聽I am quite excited for this weekend because my family and I are celebrating my grandmother’s birthday! Plus, the weather is expected to be absolutely gorgeous, so it should be a great celebration.

I wore this look to a little Galentine’s Happy Hour with my girlfriends a couple weeks back. 聽I am quite obsessed with this top. 聽I was so nervous when I ordered it about how it would look in person, but ya’ll it totally lives up to the picture. 聽It combines to hot trends this season- sheer material and embroidery. 聽I love that it is a little bit flowy on the bottom while being fitted in the sleeves and shoulder. 聽I did choose to size up, and I am happy I did. 聽I am wearing a medium, and it fits perfectly.

This top has a bit more of a pretty feminine feel, so I paired it with my distressed jeans to add a little edge. 聽I kept my jewelry minimal to not distract from the floral design. 聽My pink clutch was the perfect pop of color addition to compliment instead of compete with the embroidery.

Ya’ll have a great weekend! I plan to eat lots of cake and maybe sip a little champagne. 馃檪 聽I’ll see you back here on Monday!


Oversized Gingham Blouse

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a casual weekend outfit including an oversized gingham blouse and black skinny jeans.

Houston Style blogger shares the it top for spring, an oversized gingham top with baublebar berry statement earrings.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger styles a casual weekend outfit for spring including a gingham blouse with skinny jeans and pink flats.

Houston blogger wears a Vera Bradley leather purse with a gingham blouse for spring.

Lady in Violet wears DL1961 black skinny jeans with pink flats and a white crossbody bag.

Houston Fashion Blogger wears a spring outfit idea including a gingham blouse and skinny jeans.

Houston style blogger styles a spring outfit including a gingham plaid top with jeans and pink earrings.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger wears a weekend outfit idea including a gingham blouse with black jeans.


Gingham Blouse 聽| 聽c/o Black Skinny Jeans 聽| 聽Similar Flats | 聽Similar Heels 聽| 聽c/o White Crossbody Bag (non quilted version) 聽| 聽c/o Berry Statement Earrings *on sale | 聽Silver Bangle 聽| 聽Similar White Bangle 聽| 聽Elisa Necklace 聽| 聽Mirrored Aviators 聽| 聽Nails: Essie Blanc 聽| 聽Lips: MAC Faux

It may be February, but spring weather is here in Houston! 聽I have already started purchasing some fun spring pieces, and I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect new wedge sandals.

For early spring, I like to wear tops that breath during the heat of the day, but will also keep warm on a cool night. 聽This oversized gingham blouse聽will definitely work perfect for that. 聽The material is a thin flannel to keep warm, but the oversized fit really help this top breath. 聽I love the style of this one, because it pairs perfectly with skinny jeans and shorts. 聽Black and white gingham is a spring favorite of mine. 聽Just something about it gives me all the feels of picnics and patio weather.

I had to add a little color with these earrings I am obsessed with and my pink flats. 聽By the way, I linked the heel version of these flats. 聽I tried them on in store, and they are so cute and comfy! 聽I’m looking for leather, but if I can’t find a pair these suede ones may be a future purchase.

I am so excited to share some fun news with you guys! I am officially launching a weekly newsletter for the blog. 聽The Weekly Review will help you stay up to date with all the blog posts of the past week, plus include exclusive content like current cravings, and more fun content. 聽Fingers crossed if everything goes smooth, the first edition will go out THIS FRIDAY! 聽I have been designing and working on this for a few weeks, and I’m so excited to finally have it ready to share with you. 聽You can subscribe to the newsletter HERE, so you will always be up to date. 聽For my current subscribers, you will have more information about your new subscription options coming to you soon, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for stopping by you guys!


Instagram Roundup + President’s Day Sales!

casual winter outfit ideas and president's day sales

Happy Monday and President’s Day!! 聽I am still enjoying my long weekend. 聽Today looks to be very rainy one, but I am in the middle of a really good聽book, The Woman in Cabin 10. I plan to聽spend this rainy day finishing the book聽and cuddling with my pup. 聽I have rounded up a few of my daily outfits from Instagram, and at the bottom of the post is a few of my favorite President’s Day Sales.

I hope ya’ll have a great week, and thanks for stopping by today!

Houston Fashion Blogger shares a casual weekend outfit including white jeans and gingham blouse.gingham blouse聽*20% off | 聽white jeans聽*on sale | 聽lace up heels聽*on sale | 聽silver bangle 聽| 聽long necklace 聽| 聽earrings 聽| 聽fitbit flex 2

Outfit Details from Instagram user @karen.rock featuring a casual weekend outfit with a embroidered blouse and pink flats.

floral embroidered blouse 聽| 聽skinny jeans 聽| 聽heel version of flats 聽| 聽earrings 聽| 聽similar gold bangle 聽| 聽similar bead bangle one 聽and two

Lady in Violet, a Houston blogger styles a cozy winter outfit with a long cardigan.

gray cardigan 聽| 聽black blouse聽*on sale | 聽skinny jeans 聽| 聽lace up heels聽*on sale | 聽pendant necklace 聽| 聽earrings

Casual winter outfit ideas including a sweater and over the knee boots outfit.

ruffle sweater 聽| 聽white jeans聽*on sale | 聽similar otk boots 聽| 聽long necklace 聽| 聽earrings 聽| 聽silver bangle

Houston blogger styles gray jeans with a purple turtleneck for a casual winter outfit.

similar purple sweater 聽| 聽similar gray jeans 聽| lace up heels 聽| 聽necklace 聽| 聽earrings 聽| 聽bangle

Lady in Violet wears a work outfit including a pencil skirt and striped blouse with rose embroidery.

striped blouse聽*20% off | 聽pencil skirt 聽| gray heels 聽| 聽necklace 聽| 聽earrings 聽| 聽silver bangle 聽| silver cuff

Houston style blogger wears a work outfit with maroon pants.

similar black blouse 聽| 聽burgundy pants 聽| 聽heels 聽| 聽necklace 聽| earrings 聽| 聽bracelet

Houston fashion blogger wears a casual winter outfit featuring a striped cardigan.

striped coatigan 聽| 聽similar white tee 聽| 聽jeans 聽| 聽heel version of flats 聽| 聽statement necklace 聽| 聽bangle


NORDSTROM 聽– 聽Winter Sale Up to 40% off 聽+ Prices matches other sales
LOFT – Up to 60% off select styles
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GIGI NY – Up to 60% off select styles
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